Born in Czechoslovakia in 1988,
grown up in Czech Republic,
lives and works in Finland.


Michaela Casková is an artist, art educator, nomadic gardener and forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events. Walking, observing, asking, being in silence, listening, imagining, picking, foraging, mapping and drawing are some of her tools. Motivated by processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together she keeps moving between different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. As a chair of Mustarinda association she takes part in projects intertwining art, science and ecological and cultural diversity. Most of her wanderings, foraging and gatherings are connected to Mustarinda house surrounded by old-growth forest or by the sea in her studio in Lapinlahti bay and Suomenlinna island in Helsinki, or her homeland in Czech Republic.


“When looking at the way how Casková’s works, it s crucial to notice how her practice is centered around being in the world: she opens the door, steps outside and wanders into the unknown. But she doesn’t go on a wanderlust without caring; on the contrary, her practice and thinking happens, when she is daring, taking a direction, wandering off and trusting herself, searching for new orientation and not being afraid of getting lost. From these journeys she gathers things and matter, that later appear in her works: in the varying forms of drawings, paintings and installations. Her sense of color is delicate and her compositions pave way for the imagination. Casková’s works are traces of events that took place in the past, or maybe they are events that are yet coming into being. Be it the first or the latter, it is clear that they are traces of existence: moments of interaction, something affecting the other, things coming together, converging for a moment and then diverging again.”

-Selina Väliheikki






Studies & Scholarships

2012 – 2014 – Master in Art Education (M.Ed.), Faculty of Education, Olomouc University, Czech Republic

2014 / 15 – Mustarinda association, Erasmus+ traineeship, Finland

2013 – Mustarinda association, Erasmus traineeship, Finland

2010 / 2011 – Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic department, Riga, Latvia

2007 – 2012 – Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Book Design department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ostrava Univerzity, Czech Republic

2003 – 2007 – Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, Department of Space and Creation, Brno, Czech Republic


Board member of Mustarinda association, (chair 2019–2021), Finland

Örön Residenssikeskus ry / Örö residency Center Association


2021 – Periscope, Salzburg, Austria

2021 (1st January–31st November) – long term HIAP artist-in-residence, Helsinki-Suomenlinna, Finland

2021 – Ars Bioartica, Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Lapland

2020 – Kostomuksha Nature Reserve, Russia

2019 – HIAP, Helsinki International Artist Programme, Helsinki-Suomenlinna, Finland

2019 – LIAF (Lofoten International Art Festival), research ship Helmer Hanssen, Norway

2018  – Drake Arts Center, Kokkola, Finland

2018  – Nelimarkka museum, Alajärvi, Finland

2017 – Örö Residency Programme, Finland

2017 – Gallery Síň, Telč, Czech Republic

2017 – Koli Rynnänen Residency, Finland

2016 – Gallery Síň, Telč, Czech Republic

Solo / duo shows

2021 – Periscope gallery, Salzburg, Austria

2021 – Ars Libera Gallery, Kuopio, Finland

2018 – konText gallery, Brno, Czech

2018 – Galleria 3H+K, Pori, Finland

2017 – As a Carrot I live Life in Order, with Romana Horáková, Galerie Síň, Telč, Czech

2015 – Take Me to The Bear Mountains, Galerie Síň, Telč,

2015 – Light Trap, with Honza Šípek, Chapel of Saint John Nepomuk, Nymburk, Czech

2014 – Soil Lazyness, Flop Galerie, Olomouc, Czech

2014 – Dowser, Galerie Prokopka, Praha, Czech

2013 – Before Winter Comes, Galerie Horká, Olomouc

2013 – Naposedu, Galerie 3+1, Praha, Czech

2011 – Eržiko!, Galerie Dům u tří knížat, Brno, Czech

Group exhibitions / symposiums

2021 – Dom Jana Hálu, Liptovská galéria, Slovakia

2021 – Örö, Finland

2019 – LIAF, Lofoten International Art Festival, Biennial, Norway

2018 – Ställbergs Gruva, Sweden

2017 – Mustarinda exhibition, Titanik gallery, Turku, Finland

2017 – Symposium Šumakárt, Šumava, Czech

2016 – LUSTR, festival of contemporary illustration, Prague, Czech
2016 – RurArtMap – zpráva o létě na venkově, Prague, Czech
2016 – Symposium Chaos, Kabinet Gallery, Střítež u Poličky, Czech

2016 – Earthlings, group exhibition of Mustarinda Association Members, Finland

2016 – Khihahari, group exhibition in Moravská zemská library, Brno

2015 – V IKB, Galerie W7, Olomouc, Czech

2015 –  Stolen Magpie Nest, Lost walk, streets in Boskovice, Czech

2014 – Diploma Exhibition, Faculty of Art Education, Konvikt, Olomouc

2013 – Ksiazkowy design, Czeski Festival w Giwicach, Gliwice, Poland

2013 – Art Books Wanted, Tabook festival, Tábor, Czech

2013 – Art Books Wanted, Design Blok, Praha, Czech

2013 – Graphics of the Year, Praha, Czech

2012 – Trienal of Student Illustrations, Museum of Art Havlíčkův Brod, Czech

2012 – Symposium Šumakárt, Šumava, Czech

2012 – Diploma Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Hala Gong, Ostrava, Czech

2012 – Gallery Art Wall, DOX Gallery, Praha, Czech

2012 – Gallery Armaturka, Ústí nad Labem, Czech

2012 – Knihahahaři, Gallery Zamostek, Opole, Poland

2011 – The Most Beautiful Czech Book, The Museum of Czech Literature, Praha

2011 – Book design studio, Katowice, Poland

2011 – Virtualizácija, Galéria L, Riga, Latvia

2010 – Projektowanie graficzne z Ostravy, Krakow, Poland

2010 – Dva razy inaczej, Galerie ZNACZY SIE, Krakow, Poland

Projects & collaboration

2019 – now –  Evolution in Action, research team of scientists and art educators, Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland

2018 – series of posters for Nordic block for
Gallery Klubovna

2018 – On Art Becoming Forested – Exercises for Post-Fossil Conditions, graphic designer, KUVA – Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland

2017 – collaboration with magazine Elonkehä, illustrator

2017 – Siemenpuu association, contribution with illustrations and text

2017 – collaboration with Clean Ocean Sailing

2017 – Mustarinda Art workshops for Hyrynsalmi school, teacher and organizer

2017 – founder of Window gallery in Hyrynsalmi village (together with many other Mustarinda members)

2016 – now – yearly Mustarinda Art Camp for children, lecturer and organizer, together with Riitta Nykänen,
Selina Väliheikki and Matti Niinimäki, Mustarinda, Finland

2016 – Art teacher – Graphic design and Animation,
Art School Řevnice, Czech Republic

2016 – Paper design for Paperi Kauppa Putinki,
NIDE Bookstore, Room – Helsinki, Finland

2014 – now – illustrator and graphics designer for
Tabula Fabula workshops, Prague

2012 – now –external graphics designer for educational projects for InBáze – center for migrants living in Czech Republic (Crates of stories, Ethno Cook Book for Children, Refufest)

6 / 2015 – concept and realization of public moving library in collaboration with community gardens Za()hrada in Olomouc and Rajská zahrádka in Brno, Czech Republic

6 / 2015 – realization of Migrating bookish booth – public library on wheels for InBáze in Prague

2014 / 2015 – external lecturer for House of Art in Brno

2013 / 2014 – graphics designer for Prague Micro Festival – contemporary poetry fest

2012 – now – external lecturer for art workshops in InBáze, Prague

2010 – now – lecturer of many workhops – bookbinding, illustration, animation etc.

2010 – as illustrator and graphic designer collaborated with many other institutions, associations and independent artists

Awards / Grants

2020–2022 – Kone foundation

2018 – Frame Finland, Mobility grant

2013 – Honorable Mention for book Samozvání, Art Books Wanted, Edition Lidu, Praha

2012 – Honorable Mention for illustration works, Fenomenon Book, Brno


2020 – Mustarinda magazine, Gather together

2018 – On Art Becoming Forested – Exercises for Post-Fossil Conditions, KUVA – Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland

2017 – Letters about Future, Siemenpuu foundation

2017 – Elonkehä magazine, 3/2017, 4/2017

since 2016 – Taideleiri Magazine, annually

2016 – Ethno Cook Book for Children, InBáze
(center for migrants in Prague)

2015 – now – Crates of Stories – manuals for multicultural education based on sharing stories, InBáze

2013 – Mustarinda Off the Grid, Mustarinda association

2012 – Samozvání

2010 – City Means


photo ~ Lenka Trantírková